Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility & sustainability report 2016/17.

CEO’s statement.

How we do business.

Over £1 billion invested in the last year.

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Putting customers first.

4.12 out of 5 in our Ofwat customer satisfaction rating.

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A precious resource.

99.96% drinking water quality compliance.
Missed leakage target for first time in 11 years.

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Ensuring responsible operations.

£250 million upgrade to Deephams sewage treatment works.

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Addressing climate change.

Reduction in net GHG emissions - equivalent to emissions from electricity used by 177,000 households.

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Delivering efficient operations.

20.1 per cent of our electricity requirements met through our own renewable generation.

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Providing sustainable drainage.

42 per cent decrease in pollution incidents since 2013.
£19.75 million fine for 2012-14 pollutions.

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Sustainable & safe workforce.

First time zero employees off work with a work-related injury.

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