Corporate Responsibility

A precious resource.

We supply an average of 2.6 billion litres of safe high quality drinking water to around nine million people across London and the Thames Valley each day. It’s our statutory duty to provide this precious resource to everyone who needs it. We aim to do this in a way that has minimal impact on the environment – while still keeping our customers' bills affordable and meeting the needs of an ever-growing population.

A resilient water supply.

Water is vital for everything we do at home, work and play. It’s essential that we can continue to meet the needs of people, businesses and the environment today and in the future, so this means balancing supply and demand.

We’re actively managing demand through leakage reduction, metering and water efficiency. However, we believe additional water resources will also be required in the future, and we’re exploring available options.

Testing the quality.

To make sure our water quality remains among the best in the country, we carry out 475,000 regular quality tests at all stages from source to tap, achieving 99.96 per cent compliance.


Disappointingly, we weren’t where we wanted to be at the end of 2016/17. Our leakage has increased by 5% since last year from 642Ml/d to 677Ml/d and we will incur an outcome delivery incentive (“ODI”) penalty of £8.6 million, which will be returned to customers in the form of lower bills from 2020.


Meters put our customers in control of their water usage and bills, and also help us manage supplies much more efficiently. We’ve started rolling out smart enabled water meters to all homes across our region. Last year we fitted over 166,000 new and replacement meters. This helped us to save four Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of water a day by finding and fixing leaks, and it also helped our customers to reduce their water usage.