Corporate Responsibility

Addressing climate change.

The projected impacts of climate change across London and the Thames Valley will compound a difficult situation in which our water resources are already stressed and the population is increasing. We believe that a twin track approach of managing the unavoidable impacts of climate change on our business (‘adaptation’), combined with reducing our greenhouse gas emissions (‘mitigation’), is essential if we are to manage the challenges that climate change represents.

illustration of earth

In this section of the report, we describe our response to the impacts and causes of climate change and how it needs to be positive and equitable, contributing to our wider aspiration of becoming a more sustainable business. We can’t do this alone, and we rely on delivering better outcomes in partnership with customers, stakeholders, alliances, suppliers and regulators. We know we must continue to find solutions that balance competing environmental, social and economic demands in a more sustainable way.

Climate change is a central theme of our five-year Business Plan from 2015-20, which outlines how we aim to reduce our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to its effects. Our approach to climate change is also reflected in the policies below: