Corporate Responsibility

Delivering efficient operations.

We aim to run our business as efficiently as possible. So we're always trying to reduce our use of natural resources, minimise waste and deliver efficient and effective operations for both today and in the future.

In this section of the report, read about how we’re building a diverse supply community which harnesses the power of alliances, recognises the value of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and embraces fast moving agile organisations and, how together, we’ll unlock mutual benefits and create value through investing, developing and disrupting. Collaboration is at the heart of our Thames family, with all our supply chain activities following the same values and coordinated in their efforts. This includes promoting a culture of safety and wellbeing, sharing resources and capability, and developing innovative and sustainable solutions.

We demonstrate how we’re committed to reducing our reliance on natural resources and providing a more sustainable service in the long term. For instance, in 2017/18, we generated 293GWh of our own electricity consumption from renewable sources, including sludge treatment, wind and solar power - allowing us to reduce our reliance on importing non-renewable electricity from the grid.

We also highlight how we aim to maintain our existing assets and develop any major new infrastructure more sustainably and build them in line with our nine sustainability themes. For our delivery partners, eight2O, this means using sustainability as an efficiency driver.