Corporate Responsibility

Sludge to land.

Last reviewed:
We’re committed to the beneficial use of sludge wherever possible. In 2017/18, we recycled 98.7 per cent of our treated sludge (biosolids) to agricultural land as a natural fertiliser. This provides essential nutrients and organic matter to the soil. The remainder was used in land restoration projects as a bulk soil improver to help restore industrial land for future regeneration. Incineration ash is put to beneficial use where possible, or sent to landfill as a last resort.

Sustainable agricultural use.

The Government and EU recognise recycling sludge to agricultural land as the best practical environmental option in most circumstances. We comply with stringent requirements to assure the quality and safety of our biosolids and their safe use in agriculture. This includes the ‘Safe Sludge Matrix’, an agreement between water companies and the British Retail Consortium, which sets out guidance for the application of biosolids to crops and strict controls on the quality of sludge.

We’ve achieved certification of our treated sludge under the Biosolids Assurance Scheme, a standard which all sewerage companies in the UK have adopted to ensure all biosolids meet a minimum standard quality. ThamesGrow is a leading range of biosolid products produced by Thames Water for use in agriculture. This provides a more sustainable, cost effective and environmentally sensitive solution for farmers throughout the south east. For more information on ThamesGrow click here.