Corporate Responsibility

Ensuring responsible operations.

For us, operating responsibly means engaging positively with our customers and communities and being good neighbours. It also includes supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and contributing to making the world a more sustainable place by 2030.

In this section of the report, we describe how we are supporting the aspirations of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which have been developed to make the world more sustainable by 2030 in challenges as diverse as ending poverty to tackling climate change. We’ve decided to focus on four specific Sustainable Development Goals and we demonstrate how we think we can make a real contribution related to our expertise and main area of operation.

We also highlight how we’ve continued to reduce the impact on our customers and communities from our streetworks and our treatment sites - including reducing the number of households affected by odours that can occasionally arise at our sewage treatment works.

We’re aware of the disruption our street works can sometimes have on communities, commuters and local businesses. You can read more about how we’re pioneering a pilot scheme called ‘ThamesConnect’ for utility companies to share and evaluate project planning data so that they can better plan and coordinate their streetworks, and identify opportunities where working together may be possible in the future. We hope to coordinate with other utilities, plan better, save on resources but most crucially of all, limit the impact on our customers whenever we can.