Corporate Responsibility

Ensuring responsible operations.

For us, operating responsibly means engaging positively with our customers and communities and being good neighbours. Over 100 of our sites across London and the Thames Valley have some form of public access and we continue to manage recreation and biodiversity positively. We have a programme in place to put these sites to the best possible community use, including bird watching, fishing, sailing and walking.

In 2016/17 we’ve continued to reduce the impact to our customers and communities from our street works and our treatment sites, including reducing the number of households affected by odours that can occasionally arise at our sewage treatment works.

We’re aware of the disruption our street works can sometimes have on communities, commuters and local businesses. Through our industry leading Infrastructure Alliance we’re continuing to transform the way we work. Last year we won Gold in the City of London Considerate Contractor Streetworks Scheme 2017 awards.