Corporate Responsibility

Delivering our streetworks.

Last reviewed:
With more than 109,000km of sewers and 31,000km of water pipes under the streets, we have an extensive network of pipes and equipment to look after across London and the Thames Valley.

Our streetworks falls into two categories:
  1. Proactive investment to upgrade and replace pipes and sewers
  2. Repair work in response to problems that occur without warning
Last year we raised 3,710 streetworks notices, of which 3,554 were for planned works and 156 were for emergency repairs. We’re committed to a programme of upgrading our networks and reacting quickly to fix our pipes – whether that’s a blockage in a sewer, or a burst or leaking water main.

Considerate ways of working.

We’re passionate about reducing the impact our work can have on our customers across our region. We often share work sites and traffic control with other partners to make sure we all minimise our effects on the local area, and we’re committed to building good working relationships with Transport for London, local authorities and other stakeholders who are affected by our work.

We know that our essential roadworks can be disruptive to customers’ daily lives, especially when a road reopens only to quickly close again for a different company to start work. That’s why we’re pioneering a pilot scheme called ‘ThamesConnect’ for utility companies share and evaluate project planning data so that they can better plan and coordinate their streetworks, and identify future opportunities where working together may be possible.

We’ve been trialling this scheme in the London Borough of Croydon, following a successful water mains replacement in Camden in 2016 where we managed to reduce the duration of roadworks by four months, thanks to working alongside other utilities and the local authority. With ‘ThamesConnect’ we hope to coordinate with other utilities, plan better, save on resources but most crucially of all, limit the impact on our customers where possible. Click on the case study below to find out more:

We’ve also been using a cutting edge technique to replace some of our oldest pipes. This involves using a powerful pipe pushing machine imported from Holland to insert stronger plastic pipes inside the existing cast iron water mains, significantly reducing the time and disruption it traditionally takes to replace and strengthen old Victorian pipes.

Watch the video below to see our pipe pushing machine in action as part of our mains replacement scheme in New Malden, and click on the case study to find out more: