Corporate Responsibility

How we do business.

We provide the essential service that’s at the heart of daily life, health and enjoyment in London and the Thames Valley area. We aim to offer our service in the most sustainable way possible. For us that means we think about what’s right for our customers and employees; how to make our business as efficient as possible; and how we can best protect the environment.

image of four workmen

In this section of the report, we highlight how customer engagement underpins everything we do. We’ve engaged with nearly a million customers to understand what their needs are and what they want from us as we look to develop our strategy and long-term plans. We submitted our draft business plan to our regulator Ofwat on 3 September 2018 and published it on our website here.

We also highlight how working in partnership with our stakeholders and regulators is fundamental to the way we do business. We know that the decisions we make today affect our ability to deliver our services sustainably in the future. That’s why we’re committed to working collaboratively with partners who can align to our vision and values to deliver excellently on our customer and stakeholder promises.

We describe our corporate responsibility programme which focusses on education, engagement and enhancement - designed to engage our people, customers and stakeholders on key business and environmental issues. We also show how we offer support to charitable groups within the communities we serve, through projects linked to our core business of providing essential water and wastewater services.

Sustainable and resilient financing is crucial to our long-term provision of essential services to customers. We outline how we’re simplifying our structure and closing our Cayman Islands subsidiaries, and how we’re increasing resilience and diversity in our funding portfolio by raising our first Green Bond.

We’ve also brought together three years’ worth of key financial data, data sources, policy references and performance data in one place for all stakeholders by producing an environmental, social and governance (ESG) statement. This is part of our commitment to making information about our ESG performance freely available to all those who have an interest in our business.

We highlight our leading edge innovations which help us improve the service we give our customers and what we do as a business, as well as having a positive impact on our environment and the world’s resources. We work with experts from across the globe, both inside and outside the water industry, to deliver a research and development programme which provides innovative solutions to the challenges faced by both the water and wastewater sides of our business.