Corporate Responsibility

About Thames Water.

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We are the UK’s largest water and wastewater services provider, serving 15 million customers across London, the Thames Valley and surrounding areas. We look after more than 31,000km of water pipes, and 97 water treatment works, to provide 2.7 billion litres of water every day. We also look after approximately 109,000km of sewer pipes, and 351 sewage treatment works, to safely remove, treat and recycle 4.4 billion litres of wastewater back to the environment every day. This is all for an average combined bill of just over £1 a day per household.

We’re regulated by Ofwat, the Environment Agency (EA) and the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) and our customers will benefit from our £4.5 billion capital investment programme between 2015 and 2020 - the largest in the UK water industry. Our ultimate parent company, Kemble Water Holdings Limited, is owned by a consortium of pension funds and other long-term investors from the UK and around the world.

How we're regulated.

Over 50 million customers in England and Wales receive water and sewerage services every day by 32 privately-owned companies. We are the largest provider of water and wastewater services in England and Wales.

The ten publicly owned water and sewerage authorities were privatised in 1989 and a regulatory framework is in place to ensure customers receive high standards of service at a fair price. Our regulators control how we operate, make sure we’re compliant with national and European legislation, and protect the interests of our customers and the environment

Our key regulators are outlined below:


Ofwat (the water services’ regulatory authority) is the economic regulator of the water and sewerage industry in England and Wales, responsible for protecting customers’ interest while ensuring that water companies finance and conduct their functions effectively.

Environment Agency.

The EA is the principal adviser to the government, and the main body set up to protect and improve the environment of England. It works in partnership with other organisations to reduce flood risk, promote sustainable development, and secure environmental and social benefits.

Drinking Water Inspectorate.

The DWI regulates the quality of drinking water supplied in England and Wales and ensures its safety and compliance with water quality regulations. This is done by reviewing the tests that we conduct on our drinking water, as well as carrying out inspections on water companies as and when required.

In addition to our regulators we also work closely with:

Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs.

DEFRA is a UK government department supported by 33 agencies and public bodies responsible for setting policies and regulations on environmental, food and rural issues. DEFRA sets the overall water and sewerage policy framework in England, including setting standards and drafting legislation.

Consumer Council for Water.

The CCW is an independent body that represents customers’ interests relating to price, service and value for money, as well as conducting independent research and investigating customers’ complaints.