Corporate Responsibility

Chief Executive's introduction.

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At Thames Water, we are in a privileged position. We supply one of life’s essentials to millions of people in London and the Thames Valley and it is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We maintain a symbiotic relationship with our customers every single day and it is vital that we retain their trust if we are to engage them positively across a range of issues. From our side, we have to act as a responsible company, caring for our customers and the environment.

This Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability report will tell you more of the story behind our operational performance for the year ending 31 March 2018 in line with our nine sustainability themes, and includes a wide range of detailed case studies showcasing what we do. You can find more details of how we’ve done against our operational targets in our Annual report and performance report, Here for you in a changing world. We’ve also published our next business plan for 2020-2025 (PR19 - Price Review 19) which can be found here.

All of us at Thames Water make decisions and take actions every day that affect our customers and the environment. We need to make sure those decisions result in the right outcomes, meeting our customers’ immediate needs and safeguarding the delivery of our services to our customers over the longer-term. But we know we cannot do this alone. We need to work collaboratively with our customers, employees, partners, suppliers and regulators.

During the last year there have been many challenges, successes and some failures. This includes the dramatic loss of water from customer’s pipes and our network which negatively affected our leakage performance, following the freezing temperatures and rapid thaw of ‘Beast from the East’ in March 2018. We learned important lessons about how we can support our customers and respond more efficiently when climate change affects us.

But addressing these challenges provides us with opportunities to become a more sustainable business. We’ve increased our self-generation of renewable energy, reduced pollutions and sewer flooding and improved customer experience by learning from past performance. We’ve continued to innovate and build on our strong performance in health, safety and wellbeing. During the year, we also successfully placed our first green bond which we’ll use to refinance our existing green investment projects, providing an opportunity to diversify our source of funding.

I hope you will see in this report that we’re fully committed to driving changes that will really improve the service we provide for our customers, and help protect and enhance the environment. We aim to become a more open, transparent and sustainable business, so if you would like some more information or have any questions, please get in touch. It’s a personal commitment from everyone at Thames Water to every one of our customers that we’ll be ‘Here for You’ in a changing world.