Corporate Responsibility

Engaging with stakeholders.

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Our activities have significant impacts on our customers, stakeholders and the environment. We recognise that the stakeholders who represent these interests have a wide range of views and expectations, and we aim to engage with them and respond to their feedback.

We're constantly engaging with elected representatives, officials, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), community groups and other key stakeholders in a number of ways:
  • Meeting with them both formally and informally to understand their concerns
  • Carrying out public consultations on our key projects and plans
  • Communicating and explaining our plans for both large and small engineering projects
  • Working in partnership with stakeholders to explore issues and deliver projects

Our work includes one-to-one briefings, round-table discussions, undertaking surveys, facilitating focus groups, independently-hosted online consultations, and site visits. Discussions cover strategic issues, such as market reform in the water industry and water resource management, as well as topics of local interest.

To fulfil our vision of ‘Here for you’ we are committed to using the customer insight and data from our engagement to inform our business decisions. We’ve learned from the past and we’re using this insight to shape our future, which means data – information – insight – action has become our mantra, driving us to continually innovate to meet customers’ needs both now and in the future.