Corporate Responsibility

Customer engagement.

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Our engagement programme puts customers at the heart of our decision-making. Through extensive customer research and insight gathering, as well as public consultation and direct local engagement, we’re involving them in shaping our services and long-term plans.

Engaging with customers on our future plans.

Shaping our long-term plans.

What our customers want defines what we do and it’s important that we build and develop our long-term plans around customer feedback.

We’re engaging with as many customers as possible on an ongoing basis and through a variety of channels to help us understand the needs and expectations of the diverse customer base we serve. For example, we’ve spoken to thousands of customers across London and the Thames Valley through events including stands in shopping centres, in their communities at local engagement forums and country shows and collected feedback via research groups. We’ve also created new opportunities for customers to have their say via social media through our digital campaigns.

Listen to our customers’ views on the service they receive and what matters to them the most:

When engaging with our customers, we are held to account by our Customer Challenge Group (CCG) and, ultimately, Ofwat, the economic regulator. They expect customer-centric decision making informed by robust customer evidence. You can find out about our Customer Challenge Group here.

Improving customer service and communications.

We undertake a diverse programme of insight-gathering to help improve the service we offer to customers and our communications with them. This includes our ongoing tracking surveys to monitor customer satisfaction, together with numerous bespoke studies on topics such as smart meters and sewer blockages, ensuring we reflect our customers’ views in everything we do.

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