Corporate Responsibility

Putting customers first.

We provide water, the essential service, for nine million customers and sewerage services for 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley. Our customers are at the heart of all we do and we’re committed to delivering excellent service by making the complex simple, building trust through clarity, providing a service with clear benefits that sets us apart and delivers effective results.

Engaging with customers.

We have a responsibility to make sure we provide a more sustainable service for our customers in the future, and we’re actively engaging with them now to improve their experience of being with Thames Water. We’ve introduced analytical tools to help us see and understand what our customers think of us when they use social media and other services like our website and phone line. All this information gives us valuable insights into what our customers expect from us, and helps us shape our future customer service strategy. Read more by clicking on the link below:

Non-household retail market.

On 1 April 2017, the competitive retail market in the water industry for non-household customers opened. This means every business customer, from a small hairdresser to a large supermarket, can now choose which retailer they buy their water and wastewater services from. A variety of retailers now provide business customers with their billing, customer service and efficiency advice. Meanwhile, in our area, we’re continuing to supply their water and sewerage services and manage our infrastructure.

We decided not to continue providing retail services in this new market. This will allow us to focus all our energy on delivering excellent water and wastewater services to all our customers, and providing retail services to household customers, who continue to see improvements in the service we deliver. The new market is also a good opportunity for non-household customers, who make up five per cent of our customers, to choose a retailer that specialises in providing business retail services.

We worked hard to be ready for market opening - reviewing, developing, testing and implementing new systems and processes, as well as recruiting employees with special skills so we can operate as a wholesaler in the market. In the run-up to market opening, we transferred our retail services to Castle Water, to help us provide a seamless service for customers. We also worked across the industry with Defra, Ofwat, Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL) and other water companies to make the market opening a success.