Corporate Responsibility

Putting customers first.

We provide water, the essential service, for nine million customers and sewerage services for 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley. Our customers are at the heart of all we do and we’re committed to delivering excellent service by making the complex simple, building trust through clarity, providing a service with clear benefits that sets us apart and delivers effective results.

In this section of the report we outline how we’re providing a more sustainable service for our customers in the future, and how we’re actively engaging with them to improve our customer experience satisfaction using our 24/7 social media service and other services like our website and phone line.

We highlight the priority services we provide to our customers who have extra needs that sometimes make them more vulnerable. The customer help we provide ranges from financial assistance, to alternative formats for communication and ensuring those with physical challenges can get water in an emergency. We’re working hard to increase the number of people on our priority services register, so we can fully understand who needs extra help in an emergency. The various forms of financial support we offer are explained, including flexible payment plans, helping to clear arrears and reduce bills for those on a low income.