Corporate Responsibility

Customer service strategy.

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Our customers expect the water we provide to them to be of the highest quality and that we take away and treat wastewater before returning it safely back to into the environment. Most of our 15 million customers enjoy the services that we provide them on a daily basis and don’t need to contact us. However, occasionally people do need to contact us, either to let us know that they are moving home, require assistance with their bill or because something has gone wrong with their water or wastewater services. Whenever customers do contact us, we will understand what help they require and respond promptly to their needs.

We have listened to what our customers have told us and we have recently restructured our business into a customer journey led organisation. This means that we have now structured our business in a way that customers want to see us - as ‘One Thames Water’ - a single organisation with clear lines of accountability for delivering the end-to-end customer experience. This will help make sure that all parts of the business are focussed on collaborating to proactively resolve customer issues and deliver high quality products while providing a service that is personal, affordable, valued and right first time.

Customer experience programme.

In 2016/17, we began a two year journey to deliver our Customer Experience Programme with the intention of delivering common working practices across our whole business from delivering top quality drinking water, to taking away and treating wastewater and to delivering accurate bills to customers which provide good value for money. We are now one year into our journey and an update of our progress is provided within this section of the report.