Corporate Responsibility

Developing our people.

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Our success depends very much on the confidence, competence and performance of our people. Providing opportunities for people to learn and grow is fundamental to helping retain and attract skilled employees.

Learning and development.

Developing and supporting our people is vital to our success as a business and is one of our values - we want everyone to ‘Reach higher and be better’. Last year we held over 23,000 training days across the company. We have a formal annual appraisal process and encourage employees to progress their careers using personal development plans, development modules, e-learning, networks, mentoring, sponsorship and development programmes.

We’re investing in training technology across the business - for example upgrading our health and safety training to incorporate the innovative use of immersive virtual reality training scenarios. Recognising the threat of cyber security, particularly in our industry, we’ve rolled out cyber security and general data protection regulation (GDPR) training across the business.

Alongside our general learning and development, our ‘talent pool’ focuses on development and experiential learning for our top and emerging talent. We also use our ‘talking talent’ process to support succession planning, identify future opportunities and risks, and support business continuity.

Our employee engagement

It’s really important to us that our people have a voice and are heard. We strive to engage with all our people, and formally and informally measure levels of engagement across all teams. Every year we have our ‘Hear for you’ employee survey to give all employees a chance to tell us how we’re doing and create a company we can all be proud of.

The outputs of the survey inform our continuous improvement plans. For example, we made changes for our Customer Experience team which have led to an increase in engagement scores with 70 to 75 per cent of our people taking the time to respond, a reduction in sickness absence and a number of internal promotions. Some actions included introducing a career development framework for our operational teams, introducing a new specialist agent role in our contact centres to support front line agents, and investing more time in our teams with daily huddles, team meetings, 1-2-1s and development conversations.

We also regularly meet with our people and give them the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and celebrate successes. These sessions range from team meeting, conferences or communication through our internal social media platforms and web debates. Feedback from these sessions often directly leads to local and company-wide changes.

Reward and recognition.

During the year we launched 'Share in Your Success 2020' for all employees in non-managerial grades. This scheme, which offers a potential payment of up to 5 per cent of salary in 2020, is linked to delivery of our transformation plan.

It’s also really important we celebrate success, so we have a recognition scheme that helps our people to be instantly recognised for having done something extraordinary. We hold annual award events where we celebrate people who have excelled in demonstrating our values, championing health and safety, and when our people go the extra mile for our customers. In 2017 there were 1,117 nominations for our ‘Spotlight’ employee awards, an increase of 19.5 per cent on the previous year. Chief Executive Recognition awards were given to a number of employees, including the Grenfell Tower incident response team.