Corporate Responsibility

Partnerships and unions.

Last reviewed:
We pride ourselves on our partnership approach to working with our trade unions to ensure that our peoples’ voices are heard on the issues that matter most to them. Whatever we’re reviewing, changing or introducing, we do it all in partnership.

We regularly meet trade unions, and where appropriate non-union representatives, at senior and working levels, to discuss issues affecting employees. We’ve actively engaged the joint trade unions at a company level on pensions and pay, undertaking a joint survey of all our people, both union and non-union members. Significant work has been undertaken during the year in relation to developing proposals to make our pension schemes sustainable. This included town hall events and workshops with some 2,000 affected employees, as well as formal consultation meetings with trade union and scheme representatives. We remain committed to delivering an industry leading employee relations environment, to support all of our people as they reach higher to deliver excellent service for our customers.