Corporate Responsibility

Innovating for life.

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By identifying and implementing leading edge innovations, we’re constantly trying to improve the service we give our customers and what we do as a business, as well as having a positive impact on our environment and the world’s resources. This is why we’re working with experts from across the globe, both inside and outside the water industry, to deliver a research and development programme which provides innovative solutions to the challenges faced by both the water and wastewater sides of our business.

Helping make our work safer and quicker with vacuum excavation.

Water and waste.

The challenges of providing our customers with water services are different from those associated with wastewater services. Each has its own research needs, so we have two distinct teams dedicated to finding new and innovative ways for us to provide both water and wastewater services. We’re also investigating new ways to provide a more sustainable service for our customers, manage our environmental resources more efficiently, and become more resilient to the challenges we’ll face in the future.