Environmental management

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We use environmental management systems based on the international environmental management standard, ISO 14001.

For our work covered by this standard, we:

  • Identify environmental, legal and policy requirements Identify significant environmental impacts
  • Set targets to manage these impacts
  • Carry out audits to ensure improvements in performance
  • Review and improve the system regularly

In addition to our internal systems, some parts of the company have received certification to ISO 14001. These include:

  • Our Engineering division, covering delivery of our capital programme
  • Sludge-powered generators at both our Beckton and Crossness sewage treatment works
  • Several of our larger water and wastewater treatment works, including Deephams and Mogden sewage treatment works and Farmoor, Ashford Common and Kempton Park water treatment works
  • Operational maintenance
  • Thames Bio Recycling - our sewage sludge recycling unit
  • Our Reading-based Health, Safety and Environment group
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